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I dabble in a lot of things. This is no secret to anyone who knows me and has seen the easel sitting on my dining room table with the cake decorating supplies next to the paint box (no, they don't get used together). It's not that I don't know what I want to do...the problem is I want to do everything. In 2008 I started creating T-shirt designs now and then. For a while I was even making designs every week. Unfortunately that stopped when my scanner got left behind in the move to Japan. With any luck I'll start up again soon. All of these shirt designs were hand drawn and scanned except Pinwheel and Tiananmen Tank Man.

In no particular order (except shirts first)...

The P-47 Thunderbolt

This is currently for sale at Spreadshirt in its original colors and also on slate. At the moment it's the only one up there because the others were removed in anticipation of Shirt.woot's second Double-Take Derby. Turns out only one got accepted, but that's okay, I was honored to be chosen at all. ^_^;

Tiananmen Tank Man

Cheese Dreams

Chosen by Woot! for the Double-Take #2 Derby. Didn't do as well as in its first run.

Now also available on Spreadshirt.


Posted to Spreadshirt, although the women's tees are a bit altered.


Available in my Spreadshirt shop.

1984: Soyuz T-11 Launched

1984: UN Condemns Chemical Weapons

Few people liked this design, but I'm strangely drawn to it.

Dragon's Hoard

I have a dragon complex. Always have, always will. The cranberry American Apparel shirts are also beautiful, so I felt good making this design.


This was a shirt design but I don't think it makes a wearable shirt. I just like the wings.

All of those except Pinwheel and Tiananmen Tank Man were hand drawn, then scanned in and worked in Adobe.

Other media:

Shell Shadows


Technicolor Snowies


A gift for my stepmom. She loves snowy owls.

Blue Cascade

(wedding cake)

Done for my stepsister's wedding in 2006.

Celtic Fantasy

(wedding cake)

For Rhew/Ostipow wedding in 2008.

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